What is Broken Bonds?

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Broken Bonds is an in-development multiplayer online third-person space combat and trading simulator using the Freelancer engine. The game will be released for free, and requires a copy of the game Freelancer in order to install. That said, Broken Bonds is more than just a simple mod; the game completely replaces the world of Freelancer, enhances the graphics to a more modern level, and pushes the Freelancer engine to new heights without requiring a complete engine rewrite.

The game will have a heavy emphasis on multiplayer, and roleplaying will be a major part of the online experience. Players will be able to pilot all sizes of craft, from nimble and specialized interceptors to kilometre-long military cruisers. All ships will be customizable in their weapons and equipment loadout with several varieties of weapons, including specific weapon types produced by and for different factions.

Broken Bonds has not yet been released, but a closed beta is planned for Q3 2014.

The Broken Bonds development team is: Adamusa, Captain Morgan, jammi, Kalan, Kazinsal, Pieguy, Thexare

The Story

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Several hundred years ago, Earth and its solar system was engulfed in a war to end all wars. For nearly one hundred years, the Alliance and the Coalition fought for control of Sol and its resources. Eventually, the Coalition gained the upper hand, and the Alliance knew its time was short. It packed hundreds of thousands of volunteers into sleeper ships, named the vessels after symbols of their passengers' homelands, and set course for Sirius. The first five vessels, sponsored by Britain, Japan, Germany, Spain, and the United States, launched in a surprise move, broke through the Coalition blockade, and set course for Sirius.

The Coalition searched and found three more sleeper ships, built by the French, the Italians, and the Australians. The towering craft were destroyed in construction. The people of Italy and Australia appealed to the Alliance nations to fund two more sleeper ships, but they refused. Feeling betrayed by their allies, they pooled their limited resources to construct a larger, more armoured sleeper ship and launch it. They christened the vessel Invictus and made plans to rendezvous with the other sleeper ships in Sirius.

Unfortunately, the Coalition was on its guard and caught the Invictus as it began to make its first jump towards Sirius. The Coalition fleet hammered the vessel from behind with shot after shot, but they failed to stop the jump. The Invictus made its first jump, but had sustained some damage. The navigational systems fed incorrect coordinates to the autopilot, directing the ship jump after jump to the Pleiades sector (a much farther off region of space). Despite the incredible odds against them, the colonists arrived to an area of space with sufficient resources and habitable worlds for both groups aboard the Invictus to head their separate ways. The Invictus still sits in the orbit it was left in six hundred and fifteen years ago, serving as a reminder to the modern Pleiades of the hardships they overcame as a united force many years prior.


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Development screenshots (March-April 2014 - 22.24): 1234

Development screenshots (February 2014 - 22.24pre): 123


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Broken Bonds has not been released yet, and therefore is not available for download.

However, you can use the following form to sign up for the closed beta:

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By signing up for the Broken Bonds closed beta you will receive email updates about the progress of development and the beta as it arrives.

Broken Bonds is developed for free by an indie team and will not cost money to play. There will be no micro-transactions, no pay-to-win, no subscriptions, none of that. As a result, we rely on donations for all of our hosting, advertising, and tools. If you would like to help ease our thin wallets, we accept donations via PayPal that our host directly draws from.

A quick breakdown of our current bills (in USD):

  • brokenbonds.net domain name: $10.95/year
  • Web/email/file hosting: $9.95/month
  • Electricity (dev server hosting): ~$15/month

Alternately, if you like cryptocurrency, we accept Bitcoin (1E6ZTpj2dUekFKEgKW6RkctyZM2xGT1AQS) and Dogecoin (DJ79tQ3zJHgaNzVRYobruAd7NF4vYBQHzp).

Welcome to the Pleiades.

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